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CP Exploration Operations LLC is closing on 20,000 acres in the Permian Basin in Texas that is prospective in the Cline Shale as well as other pay zones. - Thursday, November 1, 2012
This new area in the Permian Basin was chosen because of the multi-zone horizontal and vertical potential.
A recent "type curve” for a Cline Shale well—a guess at how much the well would produce over time—of total production 570,000 barrels of oil equivalent—and 85% of that would be oil and liquid rich gas.  Total Organic Content (TOC) of 1-8%, with silt and sand beds mixed in. It's about 60-150 metres (200-550 feet) thick.  Contrast that to the Bakken where the pay zone is often only 10-25 metres thick.  
It lies in a broad shelf, with minimal relief, and it is in the "oil window” and has nice light oil of 38-42 gravity with excellent porosity of 6-12%.


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